Voci di Frontiere: the new podcast

The journey into the research world has gained a new medium. After the newsletter and the site you are reading, the new podcast of the Politecnico di Milano has arrived, Voci di Frontiere.

A new vehicle to enhance the journey into the world of research. In addition to the newsletter and the website, there is now a new podcast by the Politecnico di Milano: Voci di Frontiere . With interviews with professors and researchers, Voci di Frontiere discusses relevant issues and scenarios through the prism of research at the Politecnico di Milano. In the first three episodes, already available on the main platforms, we talk about 5G, Fintech and Space Economy.

The subjects of the first podcasts

What is 5G, what is it for and why do we hear so much about it? How do we go further and why? Professor of Telecommunications Antonio Caponetalks to us about 5G

Technology marries finance: how and what are the most futuristic advantages and applications? Marco Giorgino, professor of Financial Markets and Institutions, talks about Fintech

The fascination of space exploration and all its repercussions, including economic, on our daily life. We talked about Space Economy with Francesco Topputo , professor of Modelling and Simulation of Aerospace Systems and Franco Bernelli Zazzera, Director of the Space Economy Observatory.

Listen the podcast on Spreaker, Spotify or Google Podcast