Discovering EMCLab

We take you to the discovery of the EMCLab of the Department of Information Electronics and Bioengineering.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab deals with electromagnetic compatibility, a specialist subject that studies interference phenomena.

EMCLab has two missions: on the one hand the advancement of knowledge in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, through academic and industrial research activities; on the other hand, pre-compliance consultancy to companies.

In the laboratory, verification, design and modelling methods are developed to achieve three fundamental objectives: that the systems do not emit or emit electromagnetic emissions in an acceptable way; that a system immersed in an electromagnetic field generated by other systems does not malfunction; that within the system, the subsystems and devices constituting it are electromagnetically compatible.

Giordano Spadacini and Flavia Grassi, head of the laboratory, accompany us to visit the main infrastructure, namely the semi-anechoic chamber. Together with them we can also see the different environments where the numerous tests carried out every day take place.